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Table 1 Clinical details of the six cases as presented

From: Variations in clinical decision-making between cardiologists and cardiac surgeons; a case for management by multidisciplinary teams?

Patient Age Presentation Stress Test LV function Severity CAD Co-morbitity Drug therapy NZ score ACRE score
A 54 Unstable Positive Good 3VD Mild asthma Oral ×3 69 CABG
B 65 Stable Positive Good 3VD incl LMS Obese Oral ×2 60 CABG
C 74 Unstable Not done Good 3VD excl prox LAD Rheumatoid Oralx3 60 CABG or PCI
D 61 Stable Positive Good 3VD Osteoarthritis Oral ×2 65 CABG
E 64 Stable Positive Good 3VD Obese, HBP Oral ×2 30 CABG
F 67 Stable Positive Moderate 2VD excl prox LAD None Oral ×1 43 Uncertain
  1. Key : Stress test – exercise test, positive is defined as >2 mm ST depression, CAD – coronary artery disease, VD – vessel disease, LMS – left main stem, LAD – left anterior descending artery, exc – excluding, prox – proximal, NZ score – New Zealand score (>35 merits revascularisation) [8], HBP – hypertension, Drug therapy – oral – 1,2 or 3 oral anti-anginal drugs, ACRE score (see reference 9), CABG – coronary artery by-pass grafting, PCI – percutaneous coronary intervention.