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Table 2 Association between urgency, wait-list clearance times and cumulative incidence for death on the wait list as measured by odds ratios derived from discrete-time survival regression models

From: Cumulative incidence for wait-list death in relation to length of queue for coronary-artery bypass grafting: a cohort study

Effect Unadjusted OR(95% CI) Adjusted OR*(95% CI)
non-urgent vs semi-urgent 1.61(1.00, 2.59) 1.69(1.05, 2.74)
clearance time of 1 month or less 1.00 1.00
clearance time of more than 1 month 1.67(1.05, 2.66) 1.64(1.02, 2.63)
direct admission -- 1.00(1.00, 1.00)
  1. *Adjusted for age, sex, comorbidity, calendar period, and week on the list
  2. †Associated with one additional surgery performed without wait-list registration