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Table 1 Case reports of primary myxoid liposarcoma of the pleural cavity

From: Pleural myxoid liposarcoma: features of 2 cases and associated literature review

Study Age Symptoms Treatment Survival
Goldsmith and Papagiannopoulos     
Case 1 42 Malaise, dyspnoea, cough Resection + radiotherapy. Recurrence – further resection + chemotherapy Alive at one year
Case 2 80 Dyspnoea Resection Died 8 months after Dx
Nader et al     
Case 1 45 Bronchitis, pneumonia Resection + Chemotherapy Died 7 months after Dx
Case 2 73 Incidental Pleural effusion on CXR VATS + biopsy, not resected. Palliative care Died 9 months after Dx
Case 3 80 Incidental finding on CXR Resection Unknown
Wouters and Greve 19 None Resection, radiotherapy four years later Recurrence at four years, then radiotherapy, in remission
Evans et al 61 Chest pain, dyspnoea, pleural effusion Resection Unknown
Wong et al 38 Cough, dyspnoea Resection + radiotherapy Alive at five months
  1. CXR – chest X-ray
  2. Dx – diagnosis