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Table 1 Dimensional analysis. Luminal area and thickness of the native mammaria vein and grafted mammaria vein. Thickness was measured in four regions of interest with respect to the cardinal of the compass and as mean of the four regions of interest.

From: Accelerated intimal hyperplasia in aortocoronary internal mammary vein grafts in minipigs

Mammaria vein Native Graft p value
Luminal area (mm2) 1.50–12.07(4.25) 0.03–26.08(0.96) n.s.
Intima thickness    
North (μm) 84–221(120) 424–2469(1882) 0.001
East (μm) 74–232(146) 839–2377(1946) 0.001
South (μm) 74–253(130) 707–2372(1632) 0.001
West (μm) 61–246(142) 654–2021(1375) 0.001
Mean (μm) 61–253(134) 424–2469(1733) 0.001