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Table 1 Histopathology results of the groups.

From: Protective efficiacy of taurine against pulmonary edema progression: experimental study

n 10 10 10
Normal Pulmonary Parenchyma 10 0 4β, μ
Fluid Extravasations 0 2 α 4μ
Fluid Extravasations with Fluid In The Alveoli 0 6α 2β
Real reexpancion Pulmonary Edema 0 2α 0β
  1. CG; Control Group, RPEG; Re-expansion Pulmonary Edema Group, TG; Taurine Treatment Group. α: p < 0,05, RPEG compared with CG; β: p < 0,05, TG compared with RPEG, μ: p < 0,05, TG compared with CG.