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Table 1 Articles "investigating the background" of the entity Diastolic Heart Failure (DHF).

From: Left ventricular diastolic dysfunction of the cardiac surgery patient; a point of view for the cardiac surgeon and cardio-anesthesiologist

Author Year Journal Conclusions
Kessler KM et al [35] 1989 Hosp Pract Introduction of the term DHF
Paulus WJ [67] 1999 Cardiovasc Res. Development of specific diagnostic criteria for DHF
Bruch C et al [68] 2000 Eur Heart J Tei-index: relation to LVEDP, sensitive indicator of overall cardiac dysfunction
Mandinov L et al [69] 2000 Cardiovasc Res Doppler--Echo definitions
Vasan and Levy [70] 2000 Circulation Development of criteria for definite, probable and possible DHF
Crossman W [16] 2000 Circulation Thoughtful Editorial
Zile MR et al [71] 2001 Circulation Tested the hypothesis that measurements of the LV relaxation and passive stiffness were not necessary to make the diagnosis of DHF
Poulsen SH et al [72] 2001 Dan Med Bull DHF following acute MI
Catuzzo B et al [73] 2003 J Card Fail Regarding patients with CHF: BNP plasma levels is related to diastolic restrictive pattern
Hogg K et al [21] 2004 J Am Coll Cardiol Epidemiology of the syndrome of heart failure with preserved LV systolic function: clinical characteristics
Zile MR et al [30] 2004 N Engl J Med Invasive assessment of DHF. Identification of significant abnormalities in active relaxation and passive stiffness
Yturralde RF et al [74] 2005 Prog Cardiovasc Dis Review and current recommendations
Zile MR et al [75]) 2005 Prog Cardiovasc Dis Overview of systolic and DHF
Shammas RL et al [76] 2007 Int J Cardiol DHF: "what we don t know"
Scardovi AB et al [77] 2007 Eur J Echocardiogr BNP and advanced DHF
  1. Literature review: "The Theory" of DD