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Table 3 Required types and number of cases for board certification in Germany

From: Comparison of cardiothoracic surgery training in usa and germany

Required procedure Required number of cases
CABG 150
Mitral valve, including reconstruction 10
Aortic valve and ascending aorta/mitral valve/coronary artery 25
Anastomosis and reconstruction of the thoracic vessels, including aortic aneurysms (off bypass) 50
AICD implantation 25
Thoracic operations related to cardiac surgery procedures, e.g. chest wall resection, thorax stabilisation, extripation of foreign bodies, operations for thoracic injuries 10
Pulmonary operations and the bordering mediastinum in relation to cardiac surgery operations 10
Operations on peripheral vessels in relation to cardiac surgery procedures, e.g. reconstruction of peripheral vessels after application of circulatory assist systems/extracorporal circulation 50
Application and supervision of extracorporal circulation and circulatory assist systems 50
Application of diagnostic procedures, intubation, application of central venous catheters, arterial cannulation, application of thoracic drains, puncture of pleura, pericardium and lungs 150