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Table 5 Average survival following pleurodesis according to primary malignancy.

From: Early and late morbidity and mortality and life expectancy following thoracoscopic talc insufflation for control of malignant pleural effusions: a review of 400 cases

MALIGNANCY Average survival (months)
Breast cancer 13.6
Ovarian cancer 13.1
Lymphoma 10.2
Pleural mesothelioma 9.6
Colon cancer 8.4
Melanoma 7.8
Parotid gland cancer 7.0
Non small cell lung cancer 6.7
Small cell lung cancer 6.6
Uterine cancer 6.4
Sarcoma 6.4
Testicular cancer 6.0
Gastric cancer 4.9
Oesophageal cancer 4.0
Hepatocellular cancer 3.4
Gallbladder cancer 3.0