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Table 1 Analysis of organisatory problems and medical conditions responsible for postponement of elective heart operations

From: Why are heart operations postponed?

Organisatory, n = 49 (51.57%) Medical n = 45 (47.36%)
  17 patients with febrile conditions (37.77%) (11 respiratory infection, 3 gastrointestinal infection, 3 urinary tract infection)
Unavailability in operating rooms 25 (51%) 13 patients (28.8%) with misinterpretation/incompliance of the patient with the medical order to discontinue antiplatelet/antithrombotic agents
Shortage in matching erythrocyte units 14 (28.57%) 4 patients (8.88%) with neurological manifestations, including one patient with stroke and three with TIA
Shortage in anaesthetic/nursing staff 10 (20.4%) 4 patients (8.88%) with exacerbation of asthma/chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  3 patients (6.67%) with cardiac manifestations (arrhythmias in form of atrial fibrillation) that required stabilization prior to surgery
  two patients (4.44%) with increased blood urea/creatinine values during the last preoperative check, who were therefore scheduled for nephrological consultation
  two patients (4.44%) with allergic reaction to recently administered drugs
  1. The table depicts in details all reasons, both organisatory as well as medical, that lead to the postponement of heart operations.