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Table 2 Clinicopathological features of the 5 patients regarding pulmonary metastases and survival

From: Surgical treatment for pulmonary metastases from esophageal carcinoma after definitive chemoradiotherapy: Experience from a single institution

  1 2 3 4 5
DFI (months) 36 20 7 8 19
Number of metastases 1 1 2 (1)b 1 2
Diameter (mm) 9 5 20, 15 (15)c 20 6i
Treatment prior to surgery None None DOC None None
Surgical procedure Wedge resection Wedge resection Wedge resectiond Wedge resection Wedge resection
Lymph node dissection Not done Not done Not donee Not done Not done
Curability Complete resection Complete resection Complete resectionf Complete resection Complete resection
Perioperative complications None Respiratory failure Noneg None None
Postoperative hospital stay (days) 6 7 7 (6)h 4 5
OS (months) 41 29 28 90 20
Survival Alive Dead Alive Dead Alive
  1. DFI, disease free interval; DOC, docetaxel; OS, overall survival
  2. b,c,h The number in parentheses indicates the outcome of the second pulmonary resection
  3. d,e,f,g The common outcome from both the first and second pulmonary resections
  4. i Another pulmonary micrometastasis was detected by pathological examination