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Table 2 Published Studies with large number of patients

From: Forty years literature review of primary lung lymphoma

Author Year Journal Number of Patients Characteristics Appearance Recurrence Survival
Koss MN[63] 1983 Hum Pathol 161 14% pseudolymphomas 138 nHL. Elderly, mainly asymptomatic Most cases: Solitary nodule or infiltrate Most recurrences occur within 3 years 18 out of 101 patients died from tumor. Pleural effusion was a predictor of mortality
Turner RR[64] 1984 Cancer 47 28 cases of PLL    Good prognosis: 1 patient died in 4 years follow up
L Hoste R[65] 1984 Cancer 36 nHL Mean age 53 y. More than 80% of patients >40 y Single lesions 20 cases. Multiple: 16. Unilateral 26, bilateral 10. IE:24, II1E:2, II2E:8, II2EW:2 58% LPI 33% of LPI recur. 50% of non LPI recur. Average time to recurrence:69 months 33% died, most non LPI. No survival difference among cases grouped according to stage(IE Vs II2E). For stage IE LPI group did better. 5 years survival 57%
Kennedy JL[66] 1985 Cancer 64 pts with lymphoid lesions of lung 12 patients with primary lymphoma Heterogenous group of patients   Median survival of 117 months if PLL. For Disseminated lymphoma median survival 33 months
Li G[67] 1990 Histopathology 62 cases. All B cell but 2 cases of T-cell lymphoma 43 cases of MALT 32 of the MALTS showed solitary or multiple sharply defined nodules Recurrences in 46% of the MALTs Constitutional symptoms and T cell lymphoma showed a bad prognosis.
Cordier JF[68] 1993 Chest 70 nHL, no mediastinal adenopathy Mean age 58.4 y, M:F 1:1, majority non smokers. 87% Low grade. majority MALTs. 13% high grade Localized opacities 87%. Mass -like appearance 24%, Bilateral disease 21%. Monoclonal gammopathy 30%. Metastasis 7 pts(stomach, bone marrow, spleen, liver) interval between Dx and mets from 10 months to 7 years 69% underwent surgical resection. Overall survival 93.6% at 5 years for low grade L 26% treated with chemotherapy alone
Ferraro P[69] 2000 Annals of Thorac Surg 48 nHL MALTs 73%. Mean age 61.8 years. Symptoms 62.5% of patients, Mass lesion 60%, Bilateral disease 44%. Mediastinal-hilar lymphadenopathy 31%. Pleural effusions 15%. IE: 37 patients, II2E:7, II2EW:3, Stage III:1 Local recurrence 50% Complete surgical resection 40% overall. Incomplete resection in 29 patients (21 patients with bilateral disease) 73% of MALTs had complete resection. Post op Chemo 54%. Five year survival for MALTs 68% and 10 years 53%..
Graham B[70] 2005 Annals of Thorac Surg 18 MALTs 78%. Mean age 66.4 y M:F 1:2 Symptoms 78% of patients, Nodules or Mass lesions 72%, Bilateral disease 39%. Mediastinal-hilar lymphadenopathy 39%. Pleural effusions 22%. IIE (39%) pts. Median time to disease recurrence or death: 6 years 6% died of disease. Five year survival > 80%
Hu YH[71] 2009 Ann Hematol 22 MALTs 54% Nodules or masses 73%. Mediastinal lymphadenopathy MALTs/non-MALTs: 8/80   Patients who had surgery tended to have better survival. Five year survival MALTs/Non-MALTs 91% over 21%.