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Table 2 Applications of OPOTTMIS for simple CHD.

From: Off-pump occlusion of trans-thoracic minimal invasive surgery (OPOTTMIS) on simple congenital heart diseases (ASD, VSD and PDA) attached consecutive 210 cases report: A single institute experience

Disease OPOTTMIS applications
ASD ASD upper margin ≥ 4 mm, inferior margin ≥ 5 mm, with the defect marginal space to the annulus of MV ≥ 5 mm; Atrial septum longitude > Occluder umbrella diameter within LA; ASD diameter < 38 mm; Secundum ostium with diplopore (one larger and the other smaller).
VSD Peri-menbranous VSD; muscular VSD ≥ 4 mm; Inferior pulmonary trunk VSD with marginal space to the RCC ≥ 2 mm, without sever AV prolapse and regurgitation; Muscular VSD affecting cardiac hemodynamic.
PDA Fistular PDA; Fenestrae PDA; Infundibular PDA; Left to right shunt PDA none malformation needing operation rectification; PDA diameter ≥ 4 mm.
  1. LA, left atrial; RCC, right coronary cusp; AV, aortic valve.