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Table 3 Contraindications of OPOTTMIS for simple CHD.

From: Off-pump occlusion of trans-thoracic minimal invasive surgery (OPOTTMIS) on simple congenital heart diseases (ASD, VSD and PDA) attached consecutive 210 cases report: A single institute experience

Disease Respective contraindications Common contraindications
ASD Margin < 4 mm; Foramen primium defect with MV cleavage; Mesh shaped ASD; SVC, IVC and CS ASD. Sever right to the left shunt; Eisenmenger syndrome; Atrial thrombus; Complex cardiac malformation; Uncontrolled pulmonary infection; Any pre-operation serious infective diseases within one month (as ABE or systemic infection); Malignant diseases with life expectancy < 3 years; Cannot get consent and signature.
VSD Multiple small muscular VSD  
PDA Dumbbell PDA; Combined with sever pulmonary calcification, inflammation, or hypertension.  
  1. MV: mitral valve; ABE: acute bacterial endocarditis. SVC: superior vena cava; IVC: inferior vena cave; CS: coronary sinus.