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Table 2 Postoperative infection data

From: Delayed Sternal Closure After Pediatric Cardiac Operations; Single Center Experience: a Retrospective Study

Patient no Diagnosis Site of infection Organism detected Result
1. VSD Blood Staf A EX
2. HLHS Blood Klebs P EX(LCO)
3. HLHS Blood Staf A EX
4. HLHS Blood Enterococ A,Staf A EX
5. TOF Blood Klebs P,Staf A EX
6. HLHS Blood VRE, Candida A EX (LCO)
7. TAPVC Blood Acinetobac EX
8. TAPVC Blood Staf A,Candida A EX
9. HLHS Blood Candida A, Acinetobac,VRE EX
10. TGA Sputum Candida A  
11. TGA Blood VRE  
12. TGA Sternum(SWI) SWI  
13. TGA Sternum(SWI) SWI  
14. CAVSD Sputum Acinetobac  
15. TGA + VSD Sternum(SWI) SWI  
16. TGA + VSD Sternum Enterobact A  
17. TGA Blood/Sternum (SWI) Candida A  
18. TGA Sputum Acinetobac  
19. TGA Blood/Urinary inf Staf A/Enterobact A  
20. VSD Sternum(SWI) SWI  
21. TGA + VSD Sternum Klebs P  
22. AO INTER Blood Klebs P  
23. TGA + VSD Sternum Enterobact A  
24. TGA Blood Klebs P,Pseudomonas A  
25. TGA Urinary inf/Sternum(SWI) Klebs P  
26. TAPVC Blood/Sputum Staf A/Pseudomonas A  
27. TGA + VSD Sputum Pseudomonas A  
28. TGA + VSD Blood Enterobact A  
30. TGA + VSD Sternum Staf A  
  1. Table2 showing site of infection and the detected organisms with the clinical outcome after treatment. (Urinary inf: Urinary infection; Staf A: Stafilococcus Aureus; Klebs P: Klebsiella Pneumonia; Enterococ A: Enterococcus Aeruginosa; VRE: Vancomycin resistant Enterococcus; Acinetobac: Acinetobacter; Enterobact A: Enterobacter Aerogenes; Candida A: Candida Albicans; SWI: Sterile wound infection; Pseudomonas A: Pseudomonas Aeruginosa;EX: Exitus); LCO: Low cardiac output.