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Table 2 Concentrations of IL-10 and IL-17 in Pleural fluid and Blood of all the patients

From: Elevated levels of anti inflammatory IL-10 and pro inflammatory IL-17 in malignant pleural effusions

  IL-10P(pg/ml) IL-10B(pg/ml) IL-17P(pg/ml) IL-17B(pg/ml) TYPE AGE GENDER
Mean 60.1 13.85 24.97 23.63 9 chestcavityprimary 60.4 9 m/15f
  1. IL-10P levels of IL-10 in pleural fluid, IL-10B levels of IL-10 in Blood, IL-17P levels of IL-17 in pleural fluid, IL-17B levels of IL-17 in Blood.