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Table 2 Estimated per-patient cost savings when using PEG sealant for anastomotic closure during aortic surgery

From: Assessment of the effect on blood loss and transfusion requirements when adding a polyethylene glycol sealant to the anastomotic closure of aortic procedures: a case–control analysis of 102 patients undergoing Bentall procedures

Surgical requirement Unit cost PEG sealant Control (no sealant) Cost saving using sealant
RBC €200/unit 3.6 units (€720) 5 units (€1,000) €280
FFP €160/unit 2.1 units (€336) 3 units (€480) €144
PEG sealant €237/2 ml application 2 ml (€237) -€237
Rethoracotomy* €2,000/procedure 0.02 (€41) 0.11 (€222) €181
ICU stay (days) €400/day 4.3 6.4 €840
Hospital stay (days) €150/day 16.1 21 €735
Overall estimated cost saving per patient €1,943
  1. RBC, red blood cells (1 unit = 250 ml); FFP, fresh frozen plasma (1 unit = 200 ml); PEG, polyethylene glycol; ICU, intensive care unit.
  2. *Operating room (OR)-associated costs only (i.e. anaesthesia, OR and staff time, but excluding extended intensive care or hospital stay).
  3. Cost savings based on average reduced procedural requirements when using PEG sealant using typical costs at the Klinikum Oldenburg in the period January 2004 to June 2006.