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Table 2 Comparative analysis of demographic and procedure-related parameters between patients with operations postponed due to medical reasons and the rest of the patients

From: Why are thoracic operations postponed?

  Patients postponed for medical reasonsn = 39 Rest of the patientsn = 503 Statistical Significance
Age 69.4 59.8 p < 0.01
Gender (male) 32 (82%) 352 (69.9%) p < 0.01
Years of education 7.6 7.5 non significant
Scheduled for major/oncologic surgery (lobectomy, bilobectomy, pulmonectomy) 29 (74.3%) 229 (45.5) p < 0.001
Scheduled for minor/surgery for benign disease (biopsies, bullectomy/pleurodesis) 10 (25.64%) 271 (53.87%) p < 0.01
  1. The table shows comparative analysis of certain parameters between the group of patients whose operation was postponed for medical reasons and the rest of the patients. The x 2 criterion was applied for categorical parameters, the t-student (unpaired) for continuous ones. The Kolmogorov-Smirnoff test was used for the evaluation of normal distribution of samples. The level of statistical significance was set at a level for p < 0.05