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Table 2 Surgical and cardiopulmonary perfusion data (N = 12)

From: Selective cerebral perfusion with 4-branch graft total aortic arch replacement: Outcomes in 12 patients

Surgical procedure  
   Ascending aorta replacement + TAR 12
   Concomitant Bentall operation 3
Cardiopulmonary perfusion data  
   Cardiopulmonary bypass time (min) 188.9 (158-247)
   Aortic crossclamping time (min) 121.3 (96-162)
   DHCA + SABP (min) 64.1 (48-82)
  1. TAR, total aortic arch replacement; DHCA, deep hypothermic circulatory arrest; SABP, selective antegrade brain perfusion
  2. Data are presented a number or mean (range)