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Table 2 Reintubation group

From: Aggressive treatment with noninvasive ventilation for mild acute hypoxemic respiratory failure after cardiovascular surgery: Retrospective observational study

Case Reasons for AHRF Time from NIV to reintubation (h) Reasons for reintubation Length of intubation (h) Surgical procedures
1 Cardiogenic pulmonary edema 0 Hypoxemia 36 DVR
2 Cardiogenic pulmonary edema 4 Hypoxemia 14 CABG
3 Atelectasis 51 Disquiet 56 CABG
    Rejection of mask   Regeneration therapy
4 Atelectasis 0 Hypoxemia 87 DVR
5 ALI 16 Hypoxemia 56 OPCAB
      Right lower lung lobectomy
  1. AHRF, acute hypoxemic respiratory failure; NIV, noninvasive ventilation; ALI, acute lung injury.
  2. DVR, double valve replacement; TAP, tricuspid annuloplasty; CABG, coronary artery bypass grafting; OPCAB, off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting.