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Table 3 Absolute and percentual values of expired tidal volume pre-P1 versus post-P1

From: Endotracheal tube cuff pressure assessment maneuver induces drop of expired tidal volume in the postoperative of coronary artery bypass grafting

Variables Pre-P1 evaluation Post-P1 evaluation
Expired tidal volume (mL) 518.03 ± 52.16 466.95 ± 50.10 *
Percentual value (%)   90.13 ± 3.19
  1. Data expressed as mean ± standard deviation with * p < 0.0001 in relation to Pre-P1 versus Post-P1 comparison. P1 = pressure after cuff deflation/re-inflation to appropriated adjustment of pressures. Percentage values of post-P1 in relation to pre-P1.