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Table 3 Comparison of leukocyte infiltration and alveolar oedema/congestion scores of the lung tissue in each group

From: Antioxidant vitamins C, E and coenzyme Q10 vs Dexamethasone: comparisons of their effects in pulmonary contusion model

Groups Haemorrhage/oedema/alveolar disruption scores Leukocyte infiltration
GroupI: Control (n=7) 0.00±0.00 0.14±0.37
GroupII: Sham(Cont) (n=7) 2.71±0.48a 2.85±0.37a
GroupIII: Cont + CoQ10 (n=7) 1.71±0.48ab 1.71±0.48ab
GroupIV: Cont + vit C (n=7) 2.42±0.53acd 2.28±0.48acd
GroupV: Cont + vit E (n=7) 2.28±0.48a 2.00±0.00ab
GroupVI: Cont +Dxm (n=7) 1.85±0.37ab 1.57±0.53ab
  1. Datas are presented as mean ±S.D.
  2. Cont: contusion, DXM: Dexamethasone, vit. C: vitamin C, vit. E: vitamin E, CoQ 10 : Co enzyme Q10.
  3. a p<0.05 in comparison with control.
  4. b p<0.05 in comparison sham animals.
  5. c p<0.05 in comparison vit C & CoQ10.
  6. d p<0.05 in comparison Dxm & vit C.