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Table 2 Tumor location

From: Segmentectomy as a safe and equally effective surgical option under complete video-assisted thoracic surgery for patients of stage I non-small cell lung cancer

  Lobectomy(N=138) Segmentectomy(N=36)
Left lower lobe 15  
  S6   8
Left upper lobe 31  
  S1+2   1
  S1+2+3   8
  S4+5   3
Total left lobe 46 20
Right lower lobe 26  
  S6   7
Right lower middle lobe 1  
Right middle lobe 12  
Right upper lobe 52  
  S1   7
  S2   4
Right upper middle lobe 1  
Total right lobe 92 18
  1. Note: lesions from different segments of same patient are counted separately.