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Table 2 Cause of death

From: Expandable external support device to improve Saphenous Vein Graft Patency after CABG

Time of death Cause of death Device related
Perioperative Animal expired while elevating the heart before any distal anasthomosis performed or device implantation. NO
perioperative Hemodinamyc collapse after post-operative angiography (both grafts patent By angioraphy and PM) suspected narrowing in distal anastomosis of control-graft to LAD. NO
perioperative Traumatic intubation and bleeding in the trachea, de-saturation during entire operation (60-80%), multiple VFs prior to the device implantation. Suspected technical error in proximal anastomotic site. NO
Three weeks after surgery Sudden death. PM demonstrated viable grafts, intact device and no gross pathologies. Microscopic analysis demonstrated no injury or inflammation to both grafts. NO