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Table 1 Components of the standard Hammersmith mCPB circuit

From: Miniaturized cardiopulmonary bypass: the Hammersmith technique

Prime Volume 134 ml (with ante grade and retrograde priming)
Foreign surface area Oxygenator – 1.1 m2 *
  VARD – 0.0105 m2 *
  Soft Shell Bag 0.0860 m2 *or Midi Card – 0.0535 m2 *
  Total – 1.301 m2 (1.268 m2)
  Tubing – 0.0747 m2
  Arterial line Filter – 0.0300 m2 (D733, Low Prime Sorin group)
Pre Bypass Filter (0.5 μm filter within the arterial-venous sash (Siever, [Sorin group])
  3/8 Arterial and Venous lines
Air interface 100 ml in Midi Card – 8.14 × 10-4 m2 *
Air handling Air free venting as standard
2× ¼ polyvinylchloride lines to act as an aortic root and Left Ventricular
  No air in soft shell bag
  Continuous communication with surgeon
Safety features VARD *
  Ramp Down function
  Electronic clamp
Cell saving device Dideco Electra [Sorin group, Italy]
  1. * See Figure 1 for details; VARD Venous Air Removal Device.