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Table 3 mCPB: soft shell reservoir and Midi card options

From: Miniaturized cardiopulmonary bypass: the Hammersmith technique

   Soft shell reservoir Midi card
Patient   All All
Operation   AVR, CABG, AVR + CABG Complex operation, redo, Aortic root, Mitral,
   Experienced perfusionist * Case selection
Device Parallel Yes Yes
  Blood-air interface No Yes (minimal)
Vented Blood Air removal Manual (active) Automatic
Open reservoir
Independent of perfusionist
  Venting Experienced management and good communication Easily managed, not labour intensive
  1. AVR Aortic Valve Replacement, CABG Coronary Artery Bypass Graft, FSA Foreign Surface Area, IVC Inferior Vena Cava, SSR Soft shell Reservoir, VARD Venous Air Removal Device. * We begin training junior perfusionists with Midi card and after experience is gained, we move to SSR for routine cases. With further experience both by surgical and perfusionist teams, we move forward to Soft Shell Reservoir (SSR) for all cases regardless of complexity. The characteristics of these two options are described below.