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Table 1 Cardiac surgical procedure and abdominal surgery on patients with intestinal ischemia

From: Intestinal ischemia after cardiac surgery: analysis of a large registry

Abdominal operation (number of patients) Cardiac surgical procedure (number of patients)
Small bowel resection (1) CABG (1)
Small bowel resection and embolectomy (1) CABG + mitrale valve surgery (1)
Ileocecal resection (1) CABG + VSD (1)
Hemicolectomy (1) CABG (1)
Left sided colectomy and colostomy (1) CABG (1)
Colectomy, ileostomy (4) Surgery to aorta ascendens, including one with aortic valve replacement (2), CABG (1), CABG with embolectomy in leg (1)
Hemicolecomy and colectomy with ileostomy, both with cholecystectomy (2) CABG (2)
Explorative laparotomy - no resection due to massive bowel ischemia (4) CABG (2), Aortic valve surgery (1), Left ventricular assist device (1)
No surgery* (2) CABG (2)
  1. CABG coronary artery bypass grafting, VSD ventricular septal defect, *diagnosis at autopsy.