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Table 4 Patient outcomes

From: Early malperfusion, ischemia reperfusion injury, and respiratory failure in acute complicated type B aortic dissection after thoracic endovascular repair

Outcome Sex/ Age Clinical indications Indicators of severe end-organ malperfusion (number) Cause of death or major complication Malperfused branch arteries before procedure Onset time to procedure Malperfused branch arteries after procedure Length of stay post procedure
Death M/ 58 Abdominal pain, paraplegia, bilateral low extremity ischemic mottling (type III) a, arterial hypertension 3 IRI, MOF Occlusion of bilateral RA and infrarenal aorta true lumen collapse 48 h Open of left RA (double lumen supply), right RA (false lumen supply) and infrarenal aorta (true lumen supply) 9 d (ICU 9d)
Death M/ 39 Abdominal pain, hematochezia, hematemesis 3 IRI, MOF Occlusion of SMA, bilateral RA 15 h Open of bilateral RA (true lumen supply), SMA dissection 2 d (ICU 2d)
Death M/ 31 Abdominal pain, hematochezia, left low extremity ischemic pallor and suggillation (type III), arterial hypertension 3 IRI, Intestinal tract necrosis Occlusion of SMA, right RA and right CIA 13 h Open of SMA,right RA and right CIA (true lumen supply) 7 h (ICU 7 h)
Death M/ 61 Arterial hypertension, encephalopathy no ARDS, renal failure, respiratory infection, encephalopathy None 8 d None 29 d (ICU 29 d)
Live M/ 65 Chest pain, arterial hypertension no ARDS, acute hepatic failure, respiratory infection None 52 h None 31 d (ICU 24d)
Live M/ 41 Tar stool 2 ARDS, respiratory infection, hydropericardium, pleural effusion Occlusion of right RA and CIA 11 d Open of right RA and CIA (true lumen supply) 12 d (ICU 11d)
Live M/ 32 Obesity, pleural effusion no ARDS, Respiratory infection None 7 d None 34 d (ICU 16d)
Live F/ 39 Abdominal pain, hematochezia 2 Intestinal ischemia, intestinal infection, ischemic pancreatitis Occlusion of SMA, right RA and left EIA 4 d Open of SMA, right RA and left EIA (true lumen supply) 38 d (ICU 11d)
  1. RA, renal artery; SMA, superior mesenteric artery; CIA, common iliac artery; MOF, multiple organ failure; ARDS, adult respiratory distress syndrome; EIA, external iliac artery; IRI, ischemic reperfusion injury. aThe classification of low extremity ischemia was from reference 14.