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Figure 2

From: Assessment of a novel, capsid-modified adenovirus with an improved vascular gene transfer profile

Figure 2

In vitro virus transduction. β-Gal activity and representative images of X-gal stained cells in A. HSVSMC and B. HSVEC infected with 5000 vp/cell for 3 hours at 37°C. β-Gal activity was normalised to total protein levels (* = p < 0.05 compared to Ad5, *** = p < 0.001 compared to Ad5). β-Gal activity normalised to total protein in (C) HSVSMC and (D) HSVEC infected with 5000 vp/cell in the presence or absence of CD46 function-blocking antibody MEM258 or an isotype matched control. (* = p < 0.05 relative to isotype control, ** = p < 0.01 relative to isotype control).

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