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Figure 3

From: Assessment of a novel, capsid-modified adenovirus with an improved vascular gene transfer profile

Figure 3

Effect of TIMP-3 over-expression in HSVSMC. HSVSMC were infected with 5 pfu/cell TIMP-3 expressing viruses. A. Representative images of immunocytochemistry performed using rabbit anti-human TIMP-3 antibody (red) or the appropriate IgG control (in Ad5T*F35++ TIMP-3 infected cells). Scale bar = 10 μm B. Western blot to detect TIMP-3 expression, with equivalent protein loading confirmed by β-actin detection. Ad5T*F35++ LacZ infections were performed with both an equivalent pfu/cell and vp/cell as Ad5T*F35++ TIMP-3. C. MTS assay performed 48 hours post infection. *p < 0.05 vs equivalent LacZ virus. D. Scratch assays were performed 48 hours post infection. The scratch width was measured at 0, 12 and 19 hours and the percentage scratch closure was calculated. ***p < 0.001 vs LacZ and ###p < 0.001 vs uninfected.

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