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Table 5 Preoperative skindex-29 top-7 scores (n = 97)

From: Single-port one-stage bilateral thoracoscopic sympathicotomy for severe hyperhidrosis: prospective analysis of a standardized approach

Question Value(a)
1. 'I am annoyed by my skin condition’. 84.8
2. 'I am embarrassed by my skin condition’. 84.5
3. 'I am ashamed of my skin condition’. 84.5
4. 'My skin condition affects my social life’. 83.3
5. 'My skin condition makes it hard to work or do hobbies’. 78.9
6. 'My skin condition affects my interaction with others’. 76.6
7. 'I am frustrated by my skin condition’. 72.9
  1. (a)Average scores, expressed on a 100-point scale. Higher scores indicate lower level of quality of life levels.