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Table 1 Preoperative clinical characteristics of patients

From: Ratio of preoperative atrial natriuretic peptide to brain natriuretic peptide predicts the outcome of the maze procedure in mitral valve disease

  SR group (n=16) AF group (n=7) p value
Age (years) 65.1+/−12.4 70.4+/−5.6 0.290a
Gender (male/female) 8/8 2/5 0.405b
CTR (%) 55.2+/−7.5 61.9+/−5.9 0.051a
LVDd (mm) 53.8+/−8.9 51.0+/−7.0 0.554a
LAD (mm) 51.5+/−10.6 63.5+/−13.5 0.031a
EF (%) 64.7+/−7.0 68.7+/−7.3 0.234a
Preoperative creatinine(mg/dl) 0.97+/−0.02 1.10+/−0.18 0.384a
Preoperative ANP (pg/ml) 120.1+/−67.3 74.8+/−45.4 0.141a
Preoperative BNP (pg/ml) 186.4+/−113.9 191.9+/−72.2 0.909a
Preoperative ANP/BNP ratio 0.74+/−0.29 0.42/-0.28 0.025a
  1. a Unpaired t test. bFisher’s exact test.
  2. AF: atrial fibrillation; ANP: atrial natriuretic peptide; BNP: brain natriuretic peptide; CTR: cardiothoracic ratio; EF: ejection fraction; LAD: left atrial dimension; LVDd: left ventricular end-diastolic dimension.