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Table 1 Angiographic types of isolated single coronary artery (modified Lipton classification)

From: An unusual pattern of three major components of the cardiovascular system: multimodality imaging and review of the literature

  Code Description
Ostial location R Right Sinus of Valsava
L Left Sinus of Valsava
Anatomical distribution I The solitary dominant vessel follows the course of either a normal right or left coronary artery
II One coronary artery arises from the proximal part of the normally located another coronary artery
III LAD and LCx arise separately from a common trunk originating from the right sinus of Valsava
Course of the transverse trunk A Anterior to the great vessels
B Between the aorta and the pulmonary Arteries
P Posterior to the great vessels
S “Septal type” : A part of the route passes through the interventricular septum
  C “Combined type” : Combination of diverse routes