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Table 2 Surgical strategy

From: Surgical management for acute type A aortic dissection in patients over 70 years-old

Variables Graft No
Extent of aortic procedure   
AAR+HAR 28-32 mm,30/10 mm AlboGraft/Gelweave 7
AAR+TAR 28/30 mm-10/8/8/10 mm Datascope/InterVascular 3
AAR+Single-branched Stent Graft Implantation MicroPort Medical Co Ltd, Shanghai, China 1
Elephant trunk technique MicroPort Medical Co Ltd, Shanghai, China 7
Concomitant procedures   
Ascending aorta replacement   11
David operation   1
Wheat Operation 25 mmMedtronicHancockII 1
  1. AAR=ascending aorta replacement; HAR=hemiarch replacement; TAR=total rach replacement; AVP=aortic valve plasty; CABG=coronary artery bypass grafting; SVG=saphenous vein graft.