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Figure 1

From: Pseudoaneurysm inside of a true aneurysm

Figure 1

Transthoracic echocardiogram revealing the pseudoaneurysm with a large thrombus inside. A- Four chamber view (1-aneurysm neck; 2-aneurysm maximum diameter; 3- pseudoaneurysm neck; 4- pseudoaneurysm maximum diameter), B- Parasternal short axis view at apical level (1- pseudoaneurysm maximum diameter; 2 and 3- pseudoaneurysm neck) C- Two chambers view in systole with the maximum diameter of the neck [2] and the maximum internal diameter of the pseudoaneurysm [3]. D- Four chamber view using contrast (1-aneurysm neck; 2- aneurysm maximum diameter; 3- pseudoaneurysm neck).

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