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Table 4 Moderate to good prognostic AUC values for CystatinC were found in patients with renal replacement therapy at T4 to T6

From: Early postoperative serum cystatin C predicts severe acute kidney injury following cardiac surgery: a post-hoc analysis of a randomized controlled trial

CystatinC (N = 70) Time AKI (AKIN 1) AKI (renal replacement therapy
T1 preoperative 0,553 (CI:0,4-0,7) 0,659 (CI:0,47-0,84)
T2 start CBP 0,565 (CI:0,41-0,71) 0,671 (CI:0,5-0,84)
T3 20 minutes after CBP start 0,528 (CI: 0,37-0,67) 0,650 (CI:0,45-0,84)
T4 OP-end 0,63 (CI:0,49-0,77) 0,733 (CI:0,58-0,88)
T5 24 h postoperative 0,72 (CI:0,58-0,86) 0,849 (CI:0.73-0,96)
T6 discharge (max. day 6) 0,7 (CI:0,53-0,87) 0,899 (CI:0,77-1,0)