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Table 1 Patients’ characteristics

From: Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery using mobile computed tomography: New method for locating of small lung nodules

  N = 10
Age, median value (range), years 66 (52-80)
Sex, n  
 Male/Female 5/5
CT findings, n  
 Solid lesions/Ground grass nodules 5/5
Lesion of tumor, n  
 Right upper lobe/Right lower lobe 3/3
 Left upper lobe/Left lower lobe 3/1
 Primary cancer/Metastatic tumor/benign tumor 4/5/1
Size of tumor, median value (range), mm 10 (6-14)
Operative procedure, n  
 Sublober resection/Lobectomy with sublober resection 8/2
Operative time, median value (range), minutes 106 (58-243)
Blood loss, median value (range), mL 3 (0-100)
Postoperative complication, n  
 Pulmonary fistula 3