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Table 6 Correlation of time intervals from electromechanical coupling derived by DMI to P-wave dispersion pre- and postoperatively in patients suffering from AF

From: Interatrial conduction disturbance in postoperative atrial fibrillation: a comparative study of P-wave dispersion and Doppler myocardial imaging in cardiac surgery

  Timepoint P-wave dispersion
   rho p-value
From right atrial base to left atrial lateral base Preop. 0.740 <0.001
Postop. 0.870 <0.001
From right atrial base to left atrial posterior base Preop. 0.330 0.075
Postop. 0.333 0.073
From right atrial mid to left atrial lateral mid Preop. 0.607 <0.001
  Postop. 0.786 <0.001
  1. Bold writing indicates significant values.