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Table 4 Correlations of activated coagulation time and intrinsically activated modified rotational thromboelastometry parameters with total volume of chest tube discharge (mL)

From: Activated coagulation time vs. intrinsically activated modified rotational thromboelastometry in assessment of hemostatic disturbances and blood loss after protamine administration in elective cardiac surgery: analysis from the clinical trial (NCT01281397)

  Spearman's correlation Total amount of chest tube output (mL)
Study cohort: 148 patients
InTEM CT Correlation coefficient 0,165
P 0,045
InTEM CFT Correlation coefficient 0,164
P 0,047
InTEM alfa Correlation coefficient -0,199
P 0,015
InTEM MCF Correlation coefficient -0,193
P 0,019
InTEM A10 Correlation coefficient -0,205
P 0,013
InTEM A20 Correlation coefficient -0,201
P 0,014
InTEM A30 Correlation coefficient -0,214
P 0,009
Activated coagulation time after protamine administration (sec) Correlation coefficient 0,053
P 0,519
  1. Blood sampling was performed 15 min after protamine administration.