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Table 1 Summaries of characteristics of patients and operative procedures

From: Three different situations and approaches in the management for anomalous origin of the right coronary artery from the left coronary sinus: case report

Sex/age Operative timing Type of procedure Concomitant disease Associated procedures Result F/U (months) Course
F / 39 Elective Neo-ostium formation None None Alive 25 EM
F / 61 Emergency OPCAB using RGEA AMI with 3VDs OPCAB using ITAs Alive 17 EM
M/ 44 Emergency CABG using LITA AAD AA & PA replacement Alive 9 IM
  1. F/U; follow-up, AAD; acute type A aortic dissection, AMI with 3VDs; acute myocardial infarction with triple vessel disease, OPCAB; Off-pump coronary artery bypass, ITAs; internal thoracic arteries, CABG; coronary artery bypass graft, RGEA; right gastroepiploic artery, LITA; left internal thoracic artery; EM; extra-mural course, IM; intramural course, AA & PA replacement: ascending aorta and partial arch replacement.