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Figure 2 | Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Figure 2

From: Influence of procedural differences on mitral valve configuration after surgical repair for functional mitral regurgitation: in which direction should the papillary muscle be relocated?

Figure 2

Surgical technique for papillary muscle relocation (PMR). (a) In posterior PMR, each pair of polytetrafluoroethylene sutures was passed through the posterior annulus at the corresponding border of the lateral (P1) and middle (P2) segments of the posterior annulus, or at the border of the middle (P2) and medial (P3) segments. (b) In anterior PMR, both pairs of sutures were passed through the mid-anterior annulus. APM: anterior papillary muscle; PPM: posterior papillary muscle; P1: lateral segment of the posterior annulus; P2: middle segment of the posterior annulus; P3: medial segment of the posterior annulus.

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