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Table 2 Bypass graft characteristics

From: Predictors and prevention of flow insufficiency due to limited flow demand

Bypass grafts analyzed 549
 in-situ ITA to LAD 237
 in-situ ITA to LCX 97
 aorto-coronary SVG to LCX 52
 in-situ GEA to RCA 109
 aorto-coronary SVG to RCA 54
History of MI in the grafted region 88 (16%)
History of PCI in the grafted region 73 (13%)
  1. GEA: gastroepiploic artery, ITA: internal thoracic artery, LAD: left anterior descending artery, LCX: left circumflex artery, MI: myocardial infarction, PCI: percutaneous coronary intervention, RCA: right coronary artery, SVG: saphenous vein graft.