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Table 3 Features of patients in which grafts visualization was difficult

From: A pilot randomized controlled trial comparing CABG surgery performed with total arterial grafts or without

  Group Reason for poor visualization HR and Rhythm Type of graft
#1 TAG Clip artifact NSR, HR < 65 Sequential RIMA to OM and PDA
#2 TAG Clip and rhythm artifact NSR, HR < 63 Sequential RIMA to OM1 and OM2
#3 TAG Clip and respiratory artifact NSR, HR < 74 Free radial to OM1
#4 TAG Clip and rhythm artifact NSR, HR < 84 Free radial to PDA
#5 TAG Clip artifact NSR, HR < 69 Sequential graft to OM and LVb
#6 LIMA+SVG Clip artifact NSR, HR < 68 Sequential graft SVG to LVb and PDA
  1. HR: heart rate; TAG: total arterial grafting; NSR: normal sinus rhythm; RIMA: right internal mammary artery; OM: obtuse marginal branch of the circumflex; PDA: posterior descending artery; LVb: left ventricular branch of the circumflex; SVG: saphenous vein graft.