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Table 2 Comparison of costs for heparin versus argatroban

From: Safety and economic considerations of argatroban use in critically ill patients: a retrospective analysis

  Heparin Argatroban
Mean dosage/ICU day 21744 IE 49.6 mg
Costs/ICU day 2.17 EUR 37.60 EUR
Total costs before HIT (mean ICU LOS before HIT suspicion = 7.5 days) 16.40 EUR 283.90 EUR
Costs for HIT diagnostics   27.98 EUR (PF4 ELISA)
52.46 EUR (HIPAA)
PRBC transfusion before HIT suspicion 9.9 units 4.4 units
PRBC total costs before HIT (unit costs = 90 EUR) 900.00 EUR 450.00 EUR
Total costs for anticoagulation and transfusions 916.40 EUR 814.34 EUR
ICU LOS 26 6
Total costs of ICU stay (1050EUR/day) 27.000.00 EUR 6.300.00 EUR
  1. An ICU LOS of 7.5 days and increased RBC transfusion with heparin anticoagulation were assumed. For further details see text.