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Table 2 Hospital death and/or re-intervention

From: Aortic arch obstruction neonates with biventricular physiology: left-open compared to closed inter-atrial communication during primary repair – a retrospective study

Year Diagnosis Concomitant procedure Further surgery/intervention Death
Group-I (IAC-closed)
2001 IAA-VSD VSD-patch no hospital death
  PFO PFO-closure   day 1
2004 HAA-VSD VSD-patch Re-CoA alive
  PFO ASD-closure surgery, day 144  
2004 HAA-IVS ASD-closure Re-CoA alive
  PFO   surgery, day 556  
2006 HAA-IVS ASD-closure Re-CoA alive
  LVOTO   surgery, day 276  
2007 HAA-VSD VSD-patch Re-CoA, Re-LVOTO: alive
  PFO ASD-closure surgery, day 897  
2007 HAA-VSD ASD-closure no hospital death
  ASD-II    day 35
2010 HAA-VSD VSD-patch Re-CoA, Re-LVOTO: (late) death
  LVOTO AVR balloon, day 144 day 176
  ASD-II ASD-closure Ross-Konno, day 156  
2010 HAA-IVS Arterial switch no hospital death
  D-TGA ASD-closure   day 7
2013 IAA-VSD VSD-patch Re-CoA alive
  D-TGA ASD-closure surgery (day 217)  
Group-II (IAC-open)
2000 HAA-IVS PFO left-open Re-CoA alive
  PFO   balloon, day 3950  
2001 HAA-IVS AVR (Norwood-I hospital death
  LVOTO ASD-enlargement day 28) day 29
2002 IAA-VSD VSD-patch Re-CoA alive
  ASD-II partial ASD-closure balloon, day 2812  
2004 HAA-IVS PFO left-open Re-Co-A alive
  PFO   balloon, day 2191  
2005 HAA-IVS ASD-fenestration (ASD-closure hospital death
  LVOTO   day 22) day 25
2006 HyAA-IVS no Re-CoA alive
    surgery, day 213  
2007 HAA-VSD Arterial switch (ASD-closure hospital death
  D-TGA VSD-Patch day 4) day 14
  ASD-II partial ASD-closure   
2007 HAA-VSD VSD-patch Re-CoA alive
  PFO ASD left-open surgery,.day 73  
2008 HAA-IVS ASD left-open (Norwood-I hospital death
  LVOTO   day 16) (day 37)
2009 HAA-IVS AVR Re-LVOTO alive
  LVOTO ASD-enlargement Ross-Konno, day 24  
2009 HAA-IVS Ross-Konno, Re-Co-A hospital death
  LVOTO PFO left-open balloon, day 36 (day 56)
2010 HAA-VSD Ross-Konno, no hospital death
  LVOTO PFO left-open   (day22)
  ASD-II ASD-enlargement   
  1. Re-intervention was defined as surgery or balloon for aortic re-coarctation or recurrent LVOTO. Concomitant procedure was defined as other procedure than aortic arch reconstruction during primary repair. ASD: atrial septal defect: AVR: aortic valve repair (commissurotomy); HAA: hypoplastic aortic arch; IAA: interrupted aortic arch; IAC: inter-atrial communication; IVS: intact ventricular septum; LCO: low cardiac output; LVOTO: left ventricular outflow tract obstruction; PFO: persistent foramen ovale; Re-CoA: aortic re-coarctation; VSD: ventricular septal defect.