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Table 2 Operative and postoperative data

From: Mitral valve surgery using video-assisted right minithoracotomy and deep hypothermic perfusion in patients with previous cardiac operations

Variable Mean ± SD or no
  MV replacement 11
  MV re-replacement 4
  Mitral plasty 5
  Tricuspid plasty* 2
Cardiopulmonary bypass time 152 ± 28 min
Intensive care unit stay 2,4 ± 1 days
No. of red cell transfusion 2,8 ± 0,8
Inotropic support (early postoperative period) 5 patients
Inotropic support (beyond 24 h) 2 patients
IABP requirement None
Postoperative stroke or neurologic dysfunction None
Hospital stay 8,1 ± 2,9 days
Follow-up time 30 ± 17.8 mo
  1. *Note that tricuspid plasty was performed as a concomitant procedure in two patients undergoing MVR. MV: Mitral valve; IABP: Intra-aortic balloon pump.