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Table 1 Demographic data of patients receiving STARSIL® HEMOSTAT for sternal bleeding control

From: Use of a plant-based polysaccharide hemostat for the treatment of sternal bleeding after median sternotomy

OPCAB (n) 21
CABG (n) 17
Age (years) 67 ± 14
RITA/LITA (n) 15
COPD (n) 14
Diabetes (n) 16
Severe osteoporosis (n) 9
BMI > 30 (n) 6
Platelet inhibition  
  No 3
  Single (ASA) 21
  Dual 14
  1. OPCAB: off-pump coronary artery bypass; CABG: coronary arterial bypass grafting; RITA: right internal thoracic artery; LITA: left internal thoracic artery; COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; BMI: body mass index; ASA: acetyl salicylic acid.