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Table 1 Patient characteristics, histological tumor diagnosis, localization, operative access, resected structures, R graduation, therapy aim and follow-up

From: Resection of thoracic malignancies infiltrating cardiac structures with use of cardiopulmonary bypass

Pts. No. Sex Age Histological diagnosis and localization Access Resection Induction, Aim Follow-up (month) Current status R, Tumor recurrence
1 F 80 Thymoma, anterior mediastinum Median sternotomy Tumor anterior mediastinum None, C 0.07 Dead R0
2 F 35 Thymic b-cell Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, anterior mediastinum Median sternotomy Tumor anterior mediastinum None, C 112.3 Alive R1
3 F 54 Paraganglioma, posterior mediastinum infiltrating LA Median sternotomy Ex situ LA, posterior mediastinum, Tumor None, P 0.67 Dead R?
4 F 66 Intimal sarcoma, MPA and RVOT with tumor thrombus in RUL and RPA Median sternotomy MPA, RVOT, tumor thrombus None, C 19 Dead R0, lung metastasis
5 F 58 Chondrosarcoma metastasis, ML, partial RLL and LA Right thoracotomy ML, partial RLL, LA Chemo, P 54.8 Alive R0
6 F 49 Pleomorphic intimal sarcoma, MPA, LPA and LL Median sternotomy LL, MPA, LPA None, C 21.3 Dead R1, progressive recurrence in PA
7 M 62 Thymic carcinoma, VCS and portions within RA Median sternotomy Tumor, VCS None, C 33.4 Dead R1, unclear
8 F 57 Melanoma metastasis, LL and partial LA Clamshell LL, partial LA None, C 45.4 Alive R0, CNS metastasis
9 F 65 Pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcoma, LA Median sternotomy Tumor, partial LA None, C 7.2 Dead R1, local recurrence
10 F 24 Osteosarcoma metastasis, LLL and partial LA Left thoracotomy LLL, partial LA Chemo, C 25.8 Dead Questionable R1, CNS metastasis
11 M 45 Carcinoid, RL, Aorta, RA and VCS Clamshell RL, VCS Chemo, P 0.00 Dead R?
12 F 77 Paraganglioma, Aorta posterior mediastinum Median sternotomy Tumor, Aortic adventitia None, C 4.7 Alive R0
13 M 40 Undifferentiated sarcoma (NOS), RL, MPA and LPA Median sternotomy, right thoracotomy RL, MPA + LPA Chemo, C 4.3 Alive R0
14 F 46 NSCLC (adenocarcinoma) RL infiltrating LV and MV Hemi-clamshell RL, MV + posterior-med. PM Chemo, C 3.53 Dead R1, lung metastasis
15 F 61 Rectum carcinoma metastasis, LL, LA Clamshell LL, partial LA Chemo, C 3.2 Alive R0
  1. Pts. patients, LA left atrium, RA right atrium, MPA main pulmonary artery, RPA right pulmonary artery, LPA left pulmonary artery, RVOT right ventricular outflow tract, ML middle lobe, RUL right upper lobe, RLL right lower lobe, LLL left lower lobe, LL left lung, RL right lung, VCS vena cava superior, CNS central nervous system, C curative, P palliative, PM papillary muscle, NSCLC non small cell lung carcinoma, MV mitral valve, PM papillary muscle