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Table 2 Early and late morbidity and mortality

From: Resection of thoracic malignancies infiltrating cardiac structures with use of cardiopulmonary bypass

Patient No. Early complications/therapy Late complications/therapy Cause of death
1 in-hospital death   MOF
2 superficial WHD R-CHOEP chemo, Rx  
3 IABP, ECMO, bleeding, in-hospital death   MOF
4   lung metastasis, chemo Pulmonary failure
5 right PLE chemo  
6 haematothorax ➔ VATS Rx not possible, palliative chemo declined by patient cardio-pulmonary failure
7 PD, PLE Rx unclear
8   CNS metastasis, hypothyreoidism under chemo, radiotherapy  
9   early recurrent tumor in LA, palliative re-operation with tumor mass reduction cardiac failure
10   adjuvant chemo – stop due toxicity, diagnostic partial pulmonary resections, CNS metastasis with bleeding, palliative radiotherapy CNS death
11 in-hospital death   intraoperative right heart failure
12 intraoperative endograft implantation for Aortic descendens rupture N. recurrens paresis  
13   chemo, Rx  
14   lung metastasis 2 month after discharge tumor
  1. MOF multi organ failure, WHD wound healing disorder, IABP intra-aortic balloon pump, ECMO extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, PLE pleura effusion, VATS video-assisted thoracic surgery, PD postoperative delirium, CNS central nervous system