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Table 1 Surgical approach for giant thymoma

From: Giant thymoma successfully resected via anterolateral thoracotomy: a case report

Approach n Cases Remarks
Median sternotomy [reference 46] 3 Anterior masses Suitable for invasion into innominate vein
Possible blind spot caused by anterior mass
Hemiclamshell [reference 1214] 3 Large masses occupying more than half of thorax Easy access to the mediastinum and hilum
Relatively invasive
Posterolateral [reference 8, 9] 2 Masses close to the diaphragm Suitable for inferior mediastinal masses
Requires thymectomy at second operation
Unsuitable for antero-superior mediastinal masses
Anterolateral [reference 2, 3] 2 Antero-inferior masses Possible to extend the incision posteriorly or with median sternotomy
Ectopic mass Unsuitable in cases that are unstable in the decubitus position
Clamshell [reference 7] 1 Masses with bleeding Quick access to the hilum and tumor control