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Table 1 Demographic and perioperative data

From: Radical surgical resection of advanced thymoma and thymic carcinoma infiltrating the heart or great vessels with cardiopulmonary bypass support

Pt Age [years]/Sex/MG Masaoka-Koga [3, 4]/WHO [5] Induction therapy Cannulation Surgical approach: structures resected CPB-/OP-time [min] ICU-stay [days]
1 66/m/none III/A Octreotid/prednisone Ascending aorta/femoral vein Sternotomy: SCV, LBV, pericardium 94/269 28
2 27/m/none IVa (left)/B3 PAC; octreotid/prednisone Ascending aorta/RA Sternotomy, left hemi clamshell thoracotomy: LBV, pericardium, left pleurectomy, left upper lobe 152/539 5
3 61/m/none III/C PAC Femoral artery/femoral vein Sternotomy: Chest wall, left upper lobe, pericardium, LBV, tumor debulking aortic arch and main pulmonary artery 378/664 28
4 35/f/MG IVa (right)/B3 PAC; octreotid/prednisone Ascending aorta/RA Sternotomy, right hemi clamshell thoracotomy: EPP, pericardium, LBV 177/393 13
5 48/m/none III/C PAC Ascending aorta/RA (hypothermic circulatory arrest) Sternotomy: LBV, pericardium, aortic arch, brachiocephalic trunk, left carotid artery, left subclavian artery, wedge resections right and left lungs 240 (42)/467 26
6 41/m/MG III/B2 None Ascending aorta/RA Sternotomy: LBV, ascending aorta 121/265 15
  1. CPB cardiopulmonary bypass, EPP extrapleural pneumonectomy, f female, LBV left brachiocephalic vein, m male, MG myasthenia gravis, OP operation, PAC cisplatin, doxorubicin, cyclophosphamid, Pt patient, RA right atrium, SCV superior caval vein, WHO World Health Organication